HELPIC Mosquito Repellent Spray 100ml
Reliable protection! Mosquitoes and their kind do not stand a chance!

Donít let them spoil the most beautiful time of year, with walks in the woods, visits to the pool and fun barbecues in the evening.

  Helpic Mosquito Repellent Spray offers reliable protection from mosquitoes and other bothersome insects.

  The spray contains a natural-based active ingredient, protects safely for 8 hours against mosquitoes and has a lovely fresh scent.

  Helpic Mosquito Repellent Spray offers protection for up to 6 hours from bothersome insects due to its special formulation, it is waterproof and remains effective even after strong perspiration.

  Helpic Mosquito Repellent Spray is also suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. Repeat the treatment when the effect weakens. Dermatologically tested!

Spray the Helpic Mosquito Repellent Spray evenly on your body and rub it in slightly. Also rub into skin portions below lightweight clothing, since mosquitoes and horse flies are able to sting right through this. The product may also be sprayed directly onto clothing, however, please make a stain test first in a concealed area of the clothing.

Dermatologically tested

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