HELPIC Wasp Repellent Spray 100ml
Reliable Protection! NO MORE Wasp alerts!

We all look forward to a few hours of relaxation outdoors, in the garden or on the balcony. The table is set and here we go – wasp alert! This product will put an end to that! Helpic Wasp Repellent Spray with its natural-based active ingredient keeps these annoying predators away. They won’t even try to go after the food if the table cloth has first been sprayed carefully.

  Helpic Wasp Repellent Spray offers dependable protection from bothersome wasp attacks (highly recommended in cases of wasp venom allergy) for up to 6 hours.

Helpic Wasp Repellent Spray may be used indoors and for all outdoors activities, such as walks in the forest, gardening, hiking and sports activities. Even nearby fabrics such as table cloths may be sprayed to keep wasps away. Please make a stain test first in a concealed area of the fabric before use.

  Helpic Wasp Repellent Spray offers protection for up to six hours and is perfectly suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. In case of heavy perspiration or when swimming, repeat the treatment every three hours.

Helpic Wasp Repellent Spray
should be used as a precautionary measure on unprotected areas or all over the body, to prevent bothersome attacks from buzzing wasps and possible wasp stings. Also apply the spray on skin portions which are covered by light clothing, as wasps are able to sting right through the clothing.

Dermatologically tested

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