HELPIC Tick Repellent Spray, 100ml
Reliable protection! NO MORE of these parasites!

Particularly in spring and autumn, right in the middle of hiking season and many outdoor activities, ticks are especially active. They wait in bushes and meadows, always on the search for food. They can easily transmit diseases. The Helpic Tick Repellent Spray with its natural based active ingredient offers reliable protection from tick bites.

  Helpic Tick Repellent Spray protects from ticks for up to 6 hours. During longer stays in prospectively tick infested territory it is recommended to reapply the product after 3 to 4 hours especially to areas which are subject to strong mechanical friction from pieces of clothing (rubbing of pant legs and waist bands, for example)

  Helpic Tick Repellent Spray is perfectly suitable for children and people with sensitive skin as well. Its special formulation offers waterproof protection and remains effective even during times of heavy perspiration.

Helpic Tick Repellent Spray
must be sprayed on the body and rubbed in lightly. Also apply the spray to areas covered by light clothing, as ticks are able to get beneath clothing. This product may also be sprayed directly onto clothing, however, please perform a stain test first in a concealed area of the clothing.

Tick Repellents are not a substitute for possible tick vaccinations!

Dermatologically tested

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